• Wendel: Wendel reinvests €125 million in Cromology in conjunction with the renegotiation of Cromology's debt

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    PRESS RELEASE, MAY 13, 2018

    Wendel reinvests €125 million in Cromology
    in conjunction with the renegotiation of Cromology's debt

    Wendel has signed an agreement to renegotiate the financial debt of Cromology, one of Europe's leaders in decorative paints, successfully capping a process initiated in Q4 2018. Wendel will reinvest €125 million in equity alongside the new management team.

    The new equity contributed by Wendel will strengthen Cromology's financial structure, in particular by lightning its debt burden through the early repayment of €75 million in senior debt. The new equity will also enable the company to implement its transformation plan and finance its investments.

    Wendel and Cromology have obtained significant concessions from the lenders to give the company sufficient latitude to carry out its recovery plan. Specifically, senior debt maturity has been extended to five years, and financial covenants have been eased considerably.

    The transactions included in the agreement will be closed between now and the end of H1 2019, provided the customary conditions precedent, particularly documentation, are met. 

    André François-Poncet, CEO of Wendel, said: "Thanks to this successful renegotiation and support from Wendel, which is reinvesting €125 million in the company, Cromology will be able to make a new start and will enjoy additional flexibility. After encountering difficulties in 2017 and 2018, Cromology will now have the financial structure it needs. As a long-term investor supporting companies over time, we are confident that with these new resources and impetus from Pierre Pouletty and Loic Derrien, Cromology will successfully pursue its operational recovery."




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