• Rakuten Pay Will Integrate Bitcoin Support by March 2019

    Source: The Merkle / 16 Feb 2019 18:16:25   Europe/London

    In the world of finance, there is a growing demand for contactless and instant payment solutions. Rakuten, one of the famous Asian technology giants, acknowledges this demand. The company is expanding the functionality of its payments app and will also integrate cryptocurrency support. An unexpected positive turn of events. Rakuten Pay App and Cryptocurrency Japan has proven to be a breeding ground for innovative payment solutions. Especially in the mobile department, the competition is heating up every single week. Rakuten, while perhaps best known for its online store, is also a traditional finance company/ Their focus on the Japanese market https://themerkle.com/rakuten-pay-will-integrate-bitcoin-support-by-march-2019/ Publisher: The Merkle
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