• Exercise of warrants - increase of NKT Holding’s share capital

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    8 March 2017
    Announcement No. 5

    Exercise of warrants - increase of NKT Holding’s share capital
    Following requests from a number of employees to exercise their warrants from the share option programmes issued in

    - 2011 (Company Announcement No. 17 of 16 November 2011)
    - 2013 (Company Announcement No. 1 of 4 January 2013) and
    - 2014 (Company Announcement No. 1 of 10 January 2014)

    the share capital of NKT Holding will be increased by the issue of 235,840 shares of a nominal value of DKK 20 each. The share capital will thus be increased by a total nominal amount of DKK 4,716,800.

    The shares will be subscribed for based on warrants as detailed in NKT Holding’s above-mentioned company announcements. The subscription price will be DKK 229.92 (11,600  shares), DKK 211.78 (140,500 shares) and DKK 308.24 (83,740 shares) respectively per nominal DKK 20 share.

    Following the increase in share capital, NKT Holding’s registered share capital will comprise a total of 27,071,067  shares of a nominal value of DKK 20, corresponding to a total nominal share capital of DKK 541,421,340.

    The share capital will be registered in Article 3 of NKT's Articles of Association. An updated version of the Articles of Association is attached and can also be found at www.nkt.dk.

    The new shares will convey right to dividend for the financial year 2016. The increase in the share capital as described above will not affect NKT Holding’s earnings expectations for 2017.

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